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About Clyde Industrial Equipment

CIE Clyde Industrial Equipment Ltd. 
For three decades CIE has been continually sourcing quality products from Manufacturers who adhere to the highest international standards of quality, safety and accountability.

The following range of products imported solely by CIE have been tested and proven in some of the most rigorous working conditions experienced on earth:

  • RHODIUS® Quality Abrasives
  • BMI® Measuring Instruments
  • TURNUS® Clamps
  • PROFLEXX Wire Wheels
  • KUKKO® Bearing and Gear Pullers
  • ATA Tools

Our products are available through our network of distributors from coast to coast.
CIE is committed to bringing you value added products that reduce production times, operator fatigue and boost profitability.

For more info on our products and a DISTRIBUTOR near you contact us at 1-888-831-1313 or 905-428-9696. You may also reach us via email at [email protected]


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