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KUKKO bearing and gear pullers           Kukko Catalogue

Innovation by Tradition since 1919

Founded in 1919 KUKKO are renowned for high quality ball bearing pullers and gear pullers.

KUKKO consistently raise the bar for quality and innovation for its range of mechanical and hydraulic pullers, extractors, separators, internal extractors and numerous other pulling and extracting tools.

Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 (EN 29001/BS, part 1) the adoption of TQM document and quality mandate KUKKO`s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation is evident in their product offering.

KUKKO offer an extremely large range of products for use by all sectors of industry: Aerospace, Automotive, MRO, Petrochemical, Engineering, Farming, etc.

KUKKO have justly earned their reputation as the global benchmark for pulling devices for gears and ball bearings.

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