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PROFLEXX PRODUCTS                                                           Proflexx Product Catalogue
- Abrasives, Backing Pads, Power Brushes, Carbide Burrs

products have been sold in North America for over 25 years.  Globally sourced from major manufacturers in their respective fields PROFLEXX  products are second to none for quality and consistency.

All products are sourced from ISO registered manufacturers whom adhere to the highest quality standards set by the European Norms for Safety & Quality.

The PROFLEXX  product  line includes

Coated Abrasives:
Flap wheels available with shank or arbor
Shop rolls extremely flexible, aluminium oxide full resin cloth
Quick change abrasive discs for heavy applications. Profixx uses a metal button to mount into the backing pad while Prolok uses a nylon screw to mount into the backing pad.

Non woven Abrasives:
Quick change surface conditioning discs for finishing, cleaning and polishing. Profixx uses a metal button to mount into the backing pad while Prolok uses a nylon screw to mount into the backing pad.
Scuffing discs are available in spindle mounted, arbor mounted and depressed centre
Finishing wheels MSK for satin finish, MSP for light deburring and polishing

Backing Pads - Profixx, Prolok, Flexible and Turbo

PROFLEXX Wire brushes:
Steel wire brushes are designed for rust and scale removal, weld splatter, deburring, cleaning castings and forgings, pipeline construction, foundries, shipbuilding, oil and gas industries, construction.
Power brushes for portable air tools and electric grinders
Rotary wire brushes (cup, end or circular wire brushes)
Steel wire brushes including: twisted in wire brushes (twist knot),crimped wire brushes
Hand wire brush
Spid brush brass plated steel wire brush or stainless steel wire brush

PROFLEXX Tungsten Carbide Burrs:
Tungsten Carbide Burrs are produced to exacting standards on the latest CNC machines. The unique brazing process guarantees that the strength of the braze is equal to the strength of the shank.  These burrs are manufactured for freehand de-burring, grinding and polishing of a large variety of metals, alloys, castings and composite material.
They are used in some of the most challenging applications in the world today: shipbuilding, offshore oil platform and module construction, aerospace, turbine manufacture, etc.

PROFLEXX Mounted points:
Ideally suited to tool and die, molds, dressing and finishing casting, weld and flash removal and deburing of parts. For use on pneumatic air tools or electric die grinders.

The PROFLEXX product line has expanded to include
ProArc Paint markers and Dissolvo welding dams

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