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Which Abrasive Disc should I use?

Products are divided into categories according to application, and subcategories according to the type of material to be worked on. However there are often multiple items available for use on the same material type. The following chart indicates the life, hardness and metal removal. The products with the most red circles filled in are the optimum product in each category, but not always necessary for every application. Our sales and customer service agents are always available for consultation to find the best wheel for the job!

Decoding the disc

Each Rhodius Abrasive disc has icons / logos to assist in the correct usage of the disc.


Material Reference

The pictograms below refer to the type of material the disc is to be used for:

oSa means guaranteed safety.
Members of oSa pledge to manufacture and sell grinding tools on the basis of the applicable safety standards and to further develop the relevant standards.

They are based on the following safety standards [EN standards]

  • EN 12413 for bonded abrasives
  • EN 13236 for abrasive tools with diamond or boron nitride
  • EN 13743 for coated abrasives


All oSa certified abrasives are governed by the strict oSa rules. The user can rely on the fact that abrasive tools with the oSa symbol are tested, brand name abrasive tools and the user has the guarantee that they have purchased an abrasive with the highest possible safety values.

Rhodius is a founding member of oSa
You will see the oSa logo on each Rhodius abrasive disc.

Safety Designation

VE1: Not suitable for freehand grinding VE2: Not suitable for freehand cutting
VE3: Not suitable for wet cutting VE4: Only to be used in closed working areas
VE5: Not suitable without dust exhaust systems VE6: Not suitable for side grinding
VE8: Only use with backing pad  

Maximum Working Speeds

The maximum permissible working speed is indicated on the cutting or grinding disc below the barcode by:
The diametre RPM and the speed in m/s


Quality Level



Rhodius Braintools® are very innovative products with a unique problem-solving competence.

Rhodius TOP Products are the best products in
their category for maximum performance & quality.
They offer professional users maximum product
benefits, reliability, & comfort in usage and  an
optimum price-performance ratio.



Rhodius PRO Products have been designed for
very high quality demands and frequent use in
industry & trades. They offer a good
price-performance ratio and a high efficiency.


Rhodius ALPHA Products are reliable abrasive tools
with an attractive price-performance ratio for the
price-conscious expert.

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