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Unique Features by Turnus


The unique Anti-slip device is fitted on many of the TURNUS metalworking clamps. This allows for quick fit up as the arm of the clamp does not slip down the rail.  It also allows you to use the clamp properly with the "tail" down.  Now you don’t get weld spatter on the pad or screw! Available on the 470, 473, 475 & 480 series clamps.



This pressure pad device with integrated spindle lock is resistant to vibration induced loosening of the spindle. Available on the TURNUS 470 series light duty clamps.


Two component handle “totally unbreakable” non slip grip, resistant to oil and grease. Ergonomically designed to give a more comfortable grip and achieve greater torque with less operator effort. Available on 470 TURNUS clamps for metal and 500 for woodworking clamps series.


TURNUS Contractors clamps use a fast efficient pad replacement system.  Unique “klik-on” pad clicks into place in seconds, making it a snap to replace!  Available on 475E & 480E series clamps.


TURNUS screw-on  replaceable pressure pad tilts < 35 degrees,
gunmetal finish.


Unique trigger release prevents pinched fingers. Available on the Blue Grip series of the TURNUS Pliers.

TURNUS Industrial Clamps made in Germany since 1853 

You don`t stay at the top being a follower. TURNUS  Industrial metalworking and woodworking clamps are renowned for quality, reliability and durability. 
Built for the professional, TURNUS  Industrial clamps are purpose-designed to make your job quicker, easier, faster and safer.  TURNUS have clamping tools for all types of applications, from the jobsite to the fabrication shop to the wood shop.  TURNUS clamping devices are used by: welders, sheetmetal workers, millwrights, mechanical contractors, woodworkers.  Whenever you need a clamp for parts assembly, workholding, cabinetry, etc., reach for a TURNUS Industrial clamp.   
TURNUS offer a complete line of clamps: steel clamps, sliding arm clamps*, c clamps, parallel clamps, toggle clamps, welding clamps, woodworking clamps and more

Think quality.  Think TURNUS
Quality made in Germany.

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